Πέμπτη, 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Vichy: 3 in 1 Purete thermale Cleansing solution

Goodmorning everyone!

I'm going to talk you about one step of my night scincare routine, which I didn't think I need, but I do!
I'm referring to a Cleansing Lotion!

When I'm talking about a lotion, I mean basically a toner. A pure water that removes your make up.
Well, I'm using make up removig water just for my eyes. But, I've found that cleansing water IS essential for your face too.

So, the very first lotion for face that I decided to start with is by my lovely brand Vichy.

In general, when the time of removing make up comes, I do take my cleansing milk in a cotton pad, cleanse my whole face, then maybe take a second round of cleansing with the same milk, just to be sure nothing is there, rinse my face with water to remove any milk is left and then wash my face with my facial gel. Those two steps, milk and jel.
BUT, those last months I thought, why do I need to use twice my cleansing milk, and don't try a toner or a cleansing water for that second step, so as not to use up so quickly my cleansing milk and so as to feel a little bit lighter and cleaner before my last step.
I used to believe that you can only apply your toner or water after your final step, which is the facial gel and then leave it there. Put your night moisturiser and you're ready. No! You can actually rinse your cleansing water if you want to use it as a cleansing step.
So that's what I do.
My first move is to use my cleansing milk, then for my second round I use my Vichy Cleansing water and then my gel.
Girls, I looove this stuff!
It has such a light feeling after your heavy milk. You can see that while you thought your make up is gone, use it to your second cleansing round and your cotton pad has still a little bit of brownish residues left. That's what it does! You are clean for sure with that on and you feel way more refreshed than you would imagine.After that, I rinse my face with water to remove the Vichy one. Well, you don't have to do that step but go straight to the gel. I find this way works better for my oily face. If I leave it on in the night, I don't know. I want my face to be dry and not refreshing in the night, if you know what I mean.

I could not believe that a simple water, full of good properties though sush as Vichy thermal spa water, could make such a difference for my make up removal routine. I do recommend using this Vichy one, as it can be used for removing amazingly well your eye make up too. Has no scent, suitable for sensitive skin!

If you wish not to rinse it, it soothes sooo much your skin, moments you feel throught out the day that oily face has appeared again. It's the perfect solution for that too.

It comes in two versions; in travel side of 100ml which I own and in a 200ml regular bottle, retailing for 13 Euros.
The small package is so convenient when you travel, as you don't need to bring with you an extra eye make up remover or toner. This one does all of these! 

You can see that I'm more that a normal enthusiastic person just for a cleansing water!

You won't miss if you try it! 
Anyhting you may want, feel free and ask me down below.


Τρίτη, 18 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural bronze Body lotion

Hey everyone! 

This is my third review about gradual tanning moisturisers! Talking today about a brand I love from Uk, Palmer's!

The smell of all their range is just ridiculously amazing! This cocoa butter makes you feel you have chocolate on your body!

On to the gradual tanner.
First and most important, it gives you a brown color from your very first application. It is certainly  not a regural gradual lotion for me that takes too long to see the color. On the third day you could actually see that you have more than a sunkissed color! An actual brown one. I find that if you apply it more than 4 days with no shaving in the middle, you might become a little bit orange. So thats a part you need to pay attention to. That happens because it gives you the desirable color from the very first time and you think, wait; it's a gradual lotion so I need to apply it every day. No! 3 days are enough and boom! Fabulous tan saving money on the same time I would say, as you don't need it regularly.
When you shower, I find that it doesn't fade away as most gradual tanners do, only a little bit of color goes away with the water. I think that you won't need neither after your shower to reapply it! That's what amazed me. 3 days per week and I'm ready! 

When it comes to moisturisation... Hmm, it's definitely a thick formula, not that lightweight feeling some expensive lotions provides. Personally I can feel that it's a drugstore product from that factor but ok, it doesnt' bother me. When you put it on, you don't need too many circular motions to blend it in as it dries out quickly, becoming a thick moisture layer on your skin. I could say that if you use one full pump per leg, it could be hard for your body to absorb such an amount. I find that a little less than a pump is enough for each leg and arm so as not to become a sticky mess. I can feel that I'm moisturised, that I can have something on, but for me it takes too long to actually put my clothes on and go out, so I need to have this on before I do anything else.  A couple of hours later you can see that your skin is soft and smooth. 

Now for the smell.. I believe that there are two group of people, one who would hate it and the other who would love it! It has the most sweet and biscuity smell, like a chocolate cake. Too sweet only with a pump, really. The reason I do love the smell is only because I'll keep using it when the summer comes to its end and when the summer is going to start, periods that I tend liking those sweet smells. In the middle of the summer, with so much heat, I think I would be in the first group of people who would kind of hate the smell. For my taste it's too heavy. There are plenty other smells out there that could do the same job in hot days. I'm saying that so as you to know that I do use it with so much joy but not all year long.

It's the combination of those3 factors that made me love this product and keep reaching more bottles!
The immediate from the first use brown, not orange color, the real moisturisation it provides and its sweety perfum that leaves your skin with!
I believe that the key of its success is that it can be used from all skin tones, which means that you won't have to worry about choosing the light version for fair skin, the medium or the dark one.

As for the package, I love the handy pump it has that allows you not to make a mess in your bathroom/room keeping it clean every time you apply .
It's a 250ml for 6 Euros. You can find it many times for less too.
That's why I'll keep repurchasing it! 
Palmer's has soooo many good value products that they deserve at least one try, trust me! 

My mum also has the Facial scrub and the Firming Butter wich she loves! ( both the smell and the job they do). 

The scrub exfoliates gently your skin, while it leaves you with a super smooth result. Baby face, amazing!
The firming lotion leaves you with that tight skin, like you are out in winter time with no clothes!

We also use the facial mask! Yes, we are both of us huge Palmer's followers :)
Their site to take a look :)  http://uk.palmers.com/ 

Love Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula range and you will too !!! xx

Πέμπτη, 13 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

St.Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub

Hello everyone!

It's been ages since the last time I've used a facial scrub, but now I'm back with my all time favorite from St.Ives! I had forgotten how much I used to love this scrub, therefore this brand.

Just to let you know, St.Ives is a Swiss company with natural ingredients that I have purchased from Uk.

Well, I bought 2 bottles of this amazing Invigorating facial scrub, which is for all skin types.
You can tell that it is quite mild and not irritating, so as to be used either from me with my oily problem skin, or from my mum with her dry sensitive skin.
It's true, we have been using it both of us and we have totally fallen in love!

It's a creamy texture with a lot of exfoliating beads which I love, cause you can actually see and feel that yes, it does its job! It removes dull dead surface cells leaving your skin smooth and radiant in a gentle way.  Actually, it makes you glow! Yep yep :)
I use it once a week in the shower when the heat opens my pores and gosh.... it makes me have a baby face! After that you can use your moisturiser and then you know that all the properties are truely deep inside your skin.  That's for you oily skin type girls.
For dry skin types, I can tell you that my mum normally put this on every other 2 days, as her everyday cleanser and she feels that her dry patches are instantly gone.

A huge advantage of this product is its smell !! Apricot my girls, true apricot!
I cannot control myself when I have this on! I really don't want to wash it off.
I also love the package, such a sleek and convenient bottle.
Oh oh oh! It lasts for agessssss! I'm running out my second bottle after 2 years!  

When I bought it, there were also other two formulas. A gentle one for sensitive/dry skin and a blemish control one for oily/problem prone skin. I thought that none of this could work just beacause the first one would be too light and the second one too harsh, so thats why I jumped into the invigorating for all skin types!
Of course the brand has much more products today, with new packages, which you can take a look at their site http://www.stives.com/. They deserve buying at least one product just to try them and I'm sure you'll remember me. Don't forget that it's Uk's no1 Scrub Brand. It's an amazing value of money which totally worth the hype!

It normally costs £4 for 150ml, but you can find it at Asda, Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury's or Tesco for only £2 when they have every now and then offers !!!
That's why I stocked two of them :)

So if you're on search of a cheap but a value of money on the same time product, that's the one!
All time classic for me...

Have a nice day! xx

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