Κυριακή, 14 Αυγούστου 2016

NIvea: Cream care deodorant roll on

Hey hey hey!

I know this is not a post I was gonna read on other bloggers, but I need to share with you that this deodorant is a miracle.

I don't know why it took Nivea so long to adjust their classic cream into a whole line of products; but since they did, it has an amazing outcome.

Well, the first and most important of that deodorant is that it has that clean and fresh scent like you've just came out of shower.
Also, it really is super hydrating and gentle with the underarm area, specially aftershaving. You won't feel any of those appalling irritations.

I don't know if it is beacause I like it so much and therefore use it maybe more than I should, but it does finishes up very fast.

What can I say? I found my holly grail in the toiletries section product and I'm not gonna try anything else.
It is added on my short but extra highly picked repurchased product list.


Πέμπτη, 30 Ιουνίου 2016

Aussie: Volume shampoo

Hey everybody!
If I was a youtuber, this product would be included in my "youtube made me buy it" list.

It's a shampoo and a brand in general that I wasn't really keen on spending so much money for a drugstore item. However, after raving about their heat protector I decided I should try their shampoo. Their volume shampoo.

Well, it really worth every cent. 
First and most important is that it is one of the few shampoos from the drugstore that makes on my hair that noise which says yes, now your hair is super clean.
It cleanses extremely well only with one hand, heaving used a squeeze equivalent of my hair's lenght.
Also, that scent... Bubblegum! So pleasant and yummy.
Then the Volume range I got makes my roots stay away from grease for 3 days.
So I woulde say it is proper for oily roots.

As I've told it is pretty expensive, but if on offer it worth a try.

Σάββατο, 30 Απριλίου 2016

VO5: Heat protect styling spray

Hey everyone!

Long time no see. It's the very first time that I have skipped a month without posting a review. Excuse my absence as my accountant life is on the edge this period.

This has nothing to do though with the new products I'll keep trying and trying.
Again, something for the hair. If you're a follower you may have noticed that I'm on a hunt of heat protectors.
They do make a difference when you blowdry.

This time I'm gonna immerge into something I bought from Boots.
If you're not based in the UK you still can get it as they ship to a variety of EU countries.

So, in to the VO5 product. Every time I buy this brand, from shampoo to styling I keep having low expectations. That's only until I try them. 
Girls, it really is a pretty good brand regarding its low budget.

Let me describe the spray on reverse. If I don't put it on, I can see dull and frizzy hair, considering my long and wavy hair.
With that on I can blow dry them smoothly without knowing that I rip of all the moisture I had from the bath. An important highlight is that the liquid is not at all heavy and sticky on my hair.
The smell is divine, a hair salon almost.

Don't know, but I sure need this in my life. Once I've tried it and now cannot live without that. My hair looks and feels healthier. Now you may say that it can be in my imagination. Maybe it is, and all this is just another marketing thing to make us buy more and more unnessesary products. You think these people though are too good to fool me while I know how economy works? Think not.
So that's why I'm going to tell you if you're not using a heat protector you should definitely do and you're gonna notice the difference. And if you want to start with something easy to use on your hand, as it has an amazing handle sprayish thing too, go get this VO5.


Σάββατο, 27 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

L'oreal: Extraordinary oil

Hey everyone!

This product was a purchase that advertising first and a sample later made me buy it.

First of all, the smell is divine! Only for that you can surely try it as your hair will smell like you have perfume on.
Then when it comes on product's actual purpose, it is very very light for my long hair which in one way I love, as it doesn't make them oily but shiny and healthy, and on the other it kinda make me feel it doen't nourish them enough, which I think is misleading due to that lightweight formula.
The think is that I would not sugget buying the lighter formula as it will be useless, even if you have oily hair; this is for you and maybe for everyone. 
I would say that I have used better hair oils in the past, but this is a good product as well. For the price it can be considered quite a value of money.
I do like the glass bottle as it gives something of a luxury to your corner; not convenient though for travelers.
I may buy that again as it is not at all heavy, it gives shine and the scent is gorgeous!


Παρασκευή, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2016

KIKO:Velvet mat-satin lipstick in 613

Helloooooo everybody!

Today I'm in a complete mood and that's because I'm very happy I've found a lipstick color that makes me look fresh and healthy.

This is the Kiko in the mat velvet formula. The thing is that I do not like at all wearing mat lipsticks, even those that considered to be "yes matte but moisturising on the same time". No, I don't like them.
But this one is reaaally one of those that you may think you need to turn it down, but finally it turns you wrong.
Yes it is matte, it looks like matte, but it feels not like a matte lipstick. It feels very creamy and many hours later is still there, not dry and cakey, but in someway velvet and so damn satin. Its title is very very very true!

The color I have is a muted pink, perfect for cold days that can actually give health to your look. The name it has is "pink carnation". Doesn't make you happy that name?
Please, you have to give it a go if you're in Italy, or Spain, or anywhere a KIKO store exists.

Also, the package is magnificent!!! It is so elegant and shiny and gold and has a tricky lid that secures the product so as not to be opened inside your bags and make everything a mess.

For its 7 euros price, well dahh !!!! Go get you some!

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