Δευτέρα, 25 Ιουνίου 2012

La Roche-Posay: Anthelios XL Fluide Extreme Teinte Spf 50+

Goodmorning people!

I've been waiting for so long to make this Sunscreen review, so here it is...

Well, I really wanted to love this one, which I do, but not in a 100%, that makes me sad and I'll tell you why.. The one and only reason is the tint. It's like it doesn't have a tint at all, so freaking sheer because of its ultra runny formula :(
I've been using several tinted suncreens in the past, and in the majority they gave me a nice even out complexion, not a covering one obviously, but a light even color.
This one does nothing when it comes to color, which was really annoying cause that was mainly the reason I bought it, and it turned out to be like a normal suncreen. It only makes you look a shade and a half tanner.
It's nice when you're using it instead of your foundation with some concealer on top, but in the beach? Not so much.
That's the only downside for this tinted version.

On to the good ones, whick actually made me purchase it a second bottle!!! :)
It has the most amazing lightweight feeling when you put it on!
It's like you put water in your face, which in some way dries out pretty fast in my oily skin. It's perfect for normal to combination/oily skin types, even for more sensitive ones to sun and to breakouts.
It blends extremely well, weird for suncreen formulas as they turn to be more thick compared to moisturisers. Well this one could be more moisturising than a regural mosituriser, lightweight and watery on the same time; not sticky at all ! Amazing!
It doesn't have a smell and it doesn't make me oily throughtout the day.
It's like I don't have something on which I love when it comes to hot weather and sweating stuff.
Its very high Spf makes me feel safe when it comes to my scaring, which I really need to pay attention to.

Although I've been dissapointed from its tint, I keep wearing it as my base for my every day summery foundation routine, with only my concealer on top in the areas I need, some powder and I'm more than ready to go. For that it's perfect!!
I would not use it reguralry in the beach, because I do have acne scars, and this one doesn't minimize their appearance at all. That's the reason why maybe I won't repurchase the tinted version again; Don't know. If I try all the tinted sunscreens from all brands out there and have to buy for second time one from the past, well... maybe I would choose this one from all I have used in the past, just because of its non irritating formula. I would definitely buy the normal version though.
But thank god it gives at least a nice ligt tan. Every time I have this on in the beach, I do feel like my face has been illuminated!
If its color would be a little bit more opaque, that little baby would be a miracle for your skin !!!!

It's a 50ml bottle, for 18.5euros.
I would recommend it even to the most oily sensitive skin type girls out there, with sun allergies, as it won't irritate you at all!
So kind to the skin!
What I would only say is don't bother buying the tinted version, as it does nothing. Buy the regural one. Or if you do buy this one, it would only be to avoid the white effect some suncreens make.

Ps. My mum also has the exact same formula, with that high spf50, but the one for dry skin and with no tint. Well, she's in love with its velvet texture!

Have a nice day !! xxx

Πέμπτη, 21 Ιουνίου 2012

Uriage AquaPrecis Cream Gel Moisturiser

Goodmorning everyone!

Today I wanna introduce you to my favorite until now facial moisturiser I've ever tried from Uriage!!!!

Uriage is a French (as usual) dermatological company, introduced by my dermatologist, with a unique ingredient on their products, their "eau thermale", (Thermal Water) like Vichy, Avene and La Roche Posay do.
If you haven't heard it before, you really have to check their site and try your very first product.

From the name Aqua you can tell that it would be very "watery". Yes it's true!
When I say watery I mean that it feels sooo fresh, clean and moisturising, like you're washing your face with pure water! On the same time, it dries out mat, without leaving those oily recidues sometimes even good moisturisers do. It's the perfect base for your foundation. Even if you're not wearing one, it's extremelly good having only this one on just for its freshy sensation.
Well, that's a plus for me. I really need to feel fresh when I have something on. Apart from that, its texture is a sheer oil free gel, specially formulated for combination skin types so as not to feel heavy, but hydrating and super soft for pretty long time troughtout the day I would say.
I have oily-acne prone skin and apart from the label 'normal to combination skin types', I'm more than happy I have found this one. It doesn't irritate me at all !

You can say that it has a "watery" scent too, which is amazing in the summer time, as you can have a heat break due to the perfect consictency of Thermal Water, while in the winter it moisturises your tight skin too; way more than you think it would.

Every morning I know that I'm feeding my skin with some good ingredients, without having worries of clogging or something, as it's non comedogenic too.
I think that's the moisturiser I'll keep buying again 'n again! I don't have the need to search for something else, as I've found this little goody the best for me !!!

It's a 40ml tube, in an extremelly convenient and pretty sleek package that takes only a small place in your makeup bag. You can find it in pharmacies for around 20Euros.

If you need a good for your skin moisturiser you should definitely purchase this one and I'm sure you'll remember my name! ( They do have amazing sunscreens too).


Παρασκευή, 15 Ιουνίου 2012

La Roche-Posay Unifiance Mat fluid Foundation

Hello everybody!

Time for my second favorite foundation, obviously a French one, from a brand I absolutely love !!!
Honestly, I do have all La Roche Posay's make up range, and some of their skincare line.
Not to mention that my dermatologist also recommends them for me.

Well on to the product!
This is my second bottle of this foundation, and not the last one for sure!
I have oily-acne prone skin with some scares and this is suitable exactly for my type. It's a mat formula, wich means you don't need powder at all. It controls oil so good. I would say that it lasts pretty long time throughout the day, without blotting.You can wear it alone and it seems that you're wearing nothing, like it's actually your normal skin.
It has an amazing finish, lightweight, but covering on the same time imperfections. I wouldn't say that it can cover up blemishes or redness totally, but it can surely gives a nice even complexion, with a medium to buildable full coverage.
With some extra concealer on aeras you wanna cover a little bit more, you're more than ready to go!
Personally, I do prefer wearing only one layer and then conceal only where I truely need it.
But you can build up your coverage without concealer, using two or three layers.
What I have to mention is that it really needs a nice generous amount of moisturiser, so as to set up on your skin like a "second skin" foundation. After that, you have to work pretty fast, not that it dries out, but only to give the best fresh look you can in your skin.
I use it every day in the winter, and I'm more than fine. In the summer time it can still looks nice, but not in extremelly hot weather cause it might start melting.

It's a 30 ml bottle and costs around 20 euros from all pharmacies.

La Roche Posay has another foundation, one with full coverage.
I haven't try it yet, but I will. For now, I don't think I need it cause this one makes me feel confident way more than I thought it will.

You won't  loose anything if you buy it. It's beneficial for your sensitive skin no matter what :)


Τετάρτη, 13 Ιουνίου 2012

MAC Studio Finish Concealer Spf 35

Well, hello everyone!!!
Yes, I know. I've been away for quite a while. Too much hot weather  made me stay away from keyboard, only using it for my job. But now I'm back with some new products I have recently purchased !!!

Let's talk about a favorite of mine concealer from a favorite brand, MAC !!!!!

I'm gonna say fisrt of all that the fact that apart from concealer, this studio finish has also a high Spf , makes it a "double" holy grail make up product  for face!! Protect and cover, yes yes :)
Just from the jar, you know that this will benefit your skin from sun, specially when you're using it for covering blemishes, cause they need waaay too much protection from the sun than the other face.
That's the one thing. The other is that for its purpose which is covering under eye circles, discolorations or pimples and scares, it can do its job extremelly well. Don't forget that it's one of Mac's best selling products.

I was quite sceptical with its texture, cause I used to use more liquidy formulas and I was afraid I couldn't work with it. I can surely tell you that I can work with it way better than a liquid one! Ohh yesss!!!
This is a pure creamy texture, that doesn't crack on your under eye area and stays there, where you put it. I could say that it's quite moisturising too !! Actually I couldn't believe it :)
For face, it has an amazing coverage, not quite long wearing though. The thing is that it doesn't show off that you're wearing something on, while covering on the same time with some high-payoff. Whoot whoot :)

Personally, I use it with my fingers. Maybe it could be better using it with a brush when you wanna hide tiny blemishes, just to be more precise. It's amazing whether you're having a foundation on for some extra coverage or a tinted sunscreen for covering specific areas, specially in the summer.

It's 7 gr, quite good amount for the price you pay. I have a feeling that this will gonna last me for ever, cause every time I only need a tiny bit for both under eye and scares. So it worth it !
I also love the fact that it's such a small package that can be carried all day long in your bag.

I'm an NC20, wich is great for lightening your under eye area, but unexpectedly for skin too, without making me look like a ghost or something. It matches both of them.
I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a good coverage concealer, not heavy though.

If you have any queries, leave them down below and I'm more than happy to help you.

Have a nice day! xxx

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