Σάββατο, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Catrice: Translucent loose powder

Hey everyone!

This is the last post for 2014 and I couldn't decide which product should I rave about.
I made a random choice, so here we are...

I need to start by letting you know that this powder from Catrice is way better that the Essence that I used to buy every single month for the past 2 years.
As they have discontinued the essence, I thought I should give this one a go, although it is more pricey.

Well, I made a great choice.
This is even better than the other one.
I need to tell you that it does what exactly had told you about the Essence one, but in a more subtle way.
What I mean is that it mattifies you, yes. It stays on all day, yes. It sets your foundation with no extra coverage, yes. But, it does all that without looking like you have a powder on. At least not that much as it may did the one from essence. Still you need to be careful while you apply it, as you should do with all the translucent type formulas.

So, I won't rumble and I'll just tell you to go and get some! Even on the pressed version if you want that touch of mat effect on your face.
I would give again and again those 6 plus euros.

Have an amazing New Year!!!!

Κυριακή, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2014

L'oreal Elnett: Heat protector

It's a trap when you desire a product for your hair, that you can't come up with the results at the time of using it.
This is what I deal with a heat protectant.

Elnett hairsprays are the best you can find in the world.
I thought that Elnett heat protector would be again the best.
Well ok... It's a product I really love and I would definitely buy again. It has so many pros that I'm going to tell you right away, but one and only con that makes me sceptical.

Let me tell you what I like.
First of all, the scent is divine!!! Every time I have it on it's like any scent from my shampoo and conditioner I had before had gone away. It's like I just came out of a hair salon; that's what it reminds me.
Also, the feeling I get when I'm done blowdrying is super soft and shiny hair.
If it does protect my hair? Well, I think it does... I don't know on that exact time of blowdrying, but passing the days thourgh I find that my hair are looking healthy longer than if I don't use it. So yeah.
Finally, I'm thrilled of the trigger thing and how evenly sprays through my hair

Now, for the sad part.
When you spray through your wet hair and then brush through, girl you gonna get an extra slippery floor!!!
It is dangerous, really. If you won't pay attention, you won't understand how fast you'll find yourself on the floor!
On one hand this is so disatisfying, while as much as I love it, I'm afraid of using it. On the other hand, I'm thinking that maybe this is a factor that informs me of the true protecting ingredients the bottle has, as if you spray in your hands for example it feels sticky, so its consistency locks your hair from any heat damage! Maybe I have a point, right?
No matter what, I won't purchase again the Straight Version I have, but I certainly am going to buy the Volume one as I don't use it for straightening, only for blowdrying protection, so the volume will give me maybe that extra boost.

It's pricey compared to other drugstore ones, but when it's on offer you definitely need it.


Σάββατο, 11 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Inglot: Freedom system Blush in 65

Hey everyone.

I hope fall is pretty good for all of you so far.

Today I wanted to talk through a product from a brand that has quality made products, yet in amazing price!
Inglot must become a favourite brand for all of you out there sooner or later.

Blushes, my most beloved make up items... Could not resist not getting a shade, pretty neutral and earthy, for a freedom palette.

Let me tell you that I love it!
It is so pigmented that the color stays on your cheek evenly all day long.
I'm thrilled of how much product my brush gets when I touch the product, even if that touch is extra light.
I don't like that much the super powdery feeling this blush has, but still it's not a big deal as you tap it either way so you're good.
The color I have in 65 is ideal for contouring, yet for giving that little bit of a flush of wellness to your look.
It's the perfect shade for my Nc20 skin tone. It warms my skin only with one touch.

I certainly am going to repurchase that particular shade while that it is a basic all year round color that maches every make up look.
Number 65 comes only in a refill for your palette, so if you want it in a seperate package you'll need to buy a mono blush palette.

Its price is 9 Euros for a 6gr tin. Amazing for the quality you get, huh? 

I'm falling with Inglot, yes yes! I'm sure I'm gonna create a huge blush palette!

Παρασκευή, 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

MAC: Prolongwear concealer

Ok, this is a product I would probably have got on my own, just because I tend to buy every concealer MAC carries.
But I need you to know that my wish has been speeden up due to youtube and blogging.
So many of beauty bloggers out there have been raving about it, since its very first appearance in the market.

Well, they all tell the truth. It is an amzing product! Both for under the eye and on blemishes too.
The Mac lady had told me that its best use is for all over the face.
That's what I do.
Have my sunscreen on and this one for dark circles and the rest on my face too. No need of extra foundation.
It brightens up your eyes wonderfully, without sticking on fine lines and looking cakey.
It stays on as its name says, it's true.
I find it the best of Mac concealers for blemishes, as it has that benefit of not going anywhere.
You put it on and it is there all day. Even if you sweat. It covers my red scars better than the studio finish one.
So this is the one from Mac. I won't repurchase any of the other concealers again, only this one.
It's amazing how NC 20 does the job both for brigthening my eye look, without creasing but also for my face, covering and staying in place on the same time.
I love it!
The only thing I might don't like is that I think it finishes up pretty quickly, as I use it on my whole face perhaps? Don't know. 
I don't find the pump so hard to use as they say, I can handle it. I love how I can see too how much product has been left.

Give it a go and you're gonna get a flawless beautiful face that no one will figure what it might truely is under that.

Δευτέρα, 25 Αυγούστου 2014

Apivita: Suncare tinted face cream Spf 30

Soooo, you really need to pay attention to that review as it is super important to let you know my secret for a beautiful skin in the summer, only by using  the best tinted sunscreen I have ever used!

I do not say regularly "the best" when it comes to products, as I find that you never know what's out there that you still haven't try yet.
But! This one, oh my... Yes, it is the one!

First of all, Apivita is a Greek brand, so whenever you come to Greece for holidays, please please visit a pharmacie and ask a sample! I'm sure you gonna remember my post!
Let's begin...
The one I got is the light version for combination to oily skin types with an spf of 30, so that's why it is made to become mat after 5 minutes you have it on. Not a super powdery mat effect, but you know the mat one that doesn't make you look like an oily ball. For me it's that mat effect with a little bit of a sheen that looks like "hey, I just woke up, and look how fresh I look"... That's the first thing I love about that. The best finish I've seen so far in a suncreen.

The second thing is its color.... Oh my, oh my.... It's like you have a foundation on!
I've used in the past foundations that have less coverage than this one! If you have like me acne scars, this one is toootally for you girl! Trust me, please.. Although its pay off is amazing for a sunscreen, it still looks natural. Also, the color shade is perfect for summer as it blends nice into your neck.
And when I say it's like a foundation don't be afraid, it dosen't look cakey or as you have layers on.
Nothing like that. It's magic, I don't know. It covers, yet you can't see it !

So, if you want to go for shopping and need something to put on your face to feel a little bit more confident, and protect your face on the same time, this is the miracle for you!
And to tell you the truth, that's how I like to use it. The only product in my collection that I can use on its own!
I loved it at the beach too! You only need that 2 in 1 product for the whole day and you look fresh, awake and beautiful.
I'll need many summers ahead so as someone can make me change my mind and try something new...

It's a 15 euros small and sleek bottle, which you can always find on sale.
Well done Apivita, now I have one more reason to love you...

Κυριακή, 27 Ιουλίου 2014

Garnier: Micellar cleansing water

So, this is a product that every drugstore brand has come up with it. It's a new technology which my oily skin loves.

Garnier's micellar water is simply amazing.
I won't write a review comparing it with Bioderma or other brands, as I find it an unven comparison.
You compare a pharmacy product with another pharmacy one.
A drugstore one with another drugstore's.

Well, I love it! I was sceptical when I went to purshace it, as I've been using Bioderma and as a french pharmacy scincare dork I thought it won't do the job.
How wrong I was.
Let me tell you something, it is almost as good as a pharmacy one.
Why? Because it removes extremelly well my heavy foundation, it does not leave oily residues, plus it doesn't irritate my eyes and skin while I take my make up off.
Also, I can easliy use it as a freshener during a hot day.
The only thing is that I don't believe it does something further to my skin, as it might does a product from the pharmacy.

The thing is that for the reason you buy it, to remove your make up, and in order to avoid heavy cleansing milks, yes girl it is an innovation!
And let me tell you something.... For the price and the amount? The best from the drugstore!!!
6 something euros for 400ml of product!
Quite bulky botle, that lasts pretty long.

Τρίτη, 22 Ιουλίου 2014

Oriflame: Silk beauty Gradual tan Body lotion

Hey hey heyyy!!!

It's the first time since April 2012 that a month has passed with nothing to upload.
Sorry for that, but that hot weather made me not wanting to sit down and write about beauty.

Well, that's a past since I'm back with some pretty good reviews coming up.
The one following is a post I wanted to write since last summer.

So, as I keep testing it since then, it's that time I introduce you to another summer miracle of mine!
A gradual tan from Oriflame !!!

If you follow me since the begging you know that 3 products I can't live without; dry shampoos, blushes and gradual tanners!!!

First of all, let me tell you that the number one reason I truely love this lotion is its scent!! Floral and feminine, a hint of nice orchid smell on my body that's adorable.
Also, that little tiny illuminating particles that makes me literally glow!
And of course, the nice and even amount of brown color that dresses my skin...

Can't recommend it enough if you're looking for something subtle and not intense in your every day routine.
It won't give you the St Tropez's color nor the Sephora's one.
It's just a simple, wonderfully smelling lotion that gives you that extra something.
Its price is also quite amazing, around 5.50 euros.

Well done Oriflame!
So, just sniff it and you'll remember me!

Σάββατο, 24 Μαΐου 2014

Apivita: Soap with Camomile

Hey everyone!

Long time, no see... While the sun is already here, I need to inform you about a product that I was never used to use before; a soap for your body.
I've been enjoying the feeling of a good shower gel, as almost every soap I've used does feel drying on my skin so I was thinking that it must be the soap in general, and not the specific brands I used to buy.

When some day I stumbled out of the blue upon this amazingly beautiful soap from Apivita.
Can't rave enough about this most simple and plain product on earth.
Just to let you know, I stopped using every shower gel/cream I own and started been a soap fanatic!

I can feel this Apivita one to be so moisturising and soft on my body. Even after washing it off, still have that soft feeling of the moisture.
Not at all drying like all the other brands of soap I've used before!
This happens if I use it on my hands too.
That little guy made me see the soap category on the drugstore with a different point of view.
I've become obsessed! Specially with this brand.

I'm sure some good like this one soaps might exist out there too, yet I've never find one and I'm certainly on a hunt! Be sure that many other soap post will follow up this one!

Apart from the feeling, what I also love about this Apivita soap is the smell of the chamomile too and that it comes in two different sizes, the regular of 125gr and the travel size of 30gr.
Its pricey for a soap, around 3 euros, but still; cant love it enough for how different can feel from others. Plus, it is a 98% natural product.

Please please, give it a go. If you're like me when it comes to soap, you won't regret it.

Τετάρτη, 2 Απριλίου 2014

Le Petit Marseillais: Conditioner for Long Hair

Hello girls.

So, I really wasn't keen on writting a review about a hair conditioner, but this one made me feel like I should.
The reason why is because I don't find easily a tailor made product for my long hair; and thats what this one is. It's like it's been made just for my hair.

Well, I'm not gonna rumble and I'll just be quick and to the point.
It is hydrating, without beeing too hydrating. It is not heavy and it smells sweet almond.
You're gonna love the smell I can assure you.
 The results are super soft, shiny and lightweight hair. I mean every single word. Plus the scent that stays on for 2 days.
I do have a little bit of dry ends, so the "for dry,super dry hair" products don't do the job for me.
This one is exact what I want. Hydration without beeing overwhelming and heavy.

I feel like the "long hair type" label is not at all a marketing trick, so as to be promoted to women with long hair; it's a reality.
It does wonders that I feel you don't need to try the mask from the same range, this is enough for long hair-although I personally am gonna try it just becasue I'm sure it would be equally amazing.

Give it a go!
I definitely am going to purchase it again!

Σάββατο, 15 Μαρτίου 2014

Aussie: Take the heat Leave in Spray

I wanted so desperately to try this heat protector, that when it was 30% off I grabbed it immediately!
I need to tell you the truth. The reason why I bought it, although it is a bit expensive, is due to the fact that everyone's raving about Aussie products, and how devine they smell and how efficient they are.
So I gave in.
Instead of buying such a pricey shampoo I decided to invest on a styling product of this range.

When we're talking about heat protectants we cannot assure if it actually do the job, unless we try I don't know 5 bottles? 6 maybe?
I don't believe we can see a result  with only one product of 150ml.
Nonetheless I can inform you about its present results.
These are pretty smelled and quite soft hair after blowdrying.

I don't find the scent of this one is that bubble gum scent Aussie shampoo and condioner have.
It is less intense which I find unfair.
Also, I like the applicator which sprays the product on areas you want and not in the whole room like others.
Having your hair wet and whis this one on it's quite easy to brush them too.
What I love the most though is that after I blowdry them I can touch them and they're soft and silky, and not harsh from the heat air.
The thing when you use these type of products when you don't see the moment you use it its actual purpose is that you have the faith of making good to your hair's condition.

If you find it on sale give it a go while in comparison with other drugstore brands this one is a pretty good one despite its price tag.


Κυριακή, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

The Body shop: Body Sbrub, Coconut and Cocoa butter

Hey everyone!

This is a favorite product from the past which I have finished many packs of, and at this specific period own none, but thank god I did saved one and only picture, featuring two of my best scents.
The thing is that although this scrub is quite expensive it is an excellent one!

I really enjoy in my shower how scrantchy but gentle on the same time can be with my body.
I feel like dead scells are 100% removed from the skin, specially around the ankle area, while it won't irritate the rest of the body and soft parts that are more sensitive.
It's weird how hard feeling on my hands can be those beans, but so fine melted on my body.

The formula has many many many little beans, and a generous amount of a thick moisturiser that won't left you greasy when you rinse it off.
Coconut and cocoa butter are by far my raves!
It says that coconut is formulated for normal/dry skin and cocoa butter for very dry skin, but as a normal body skin type they both do the job.
Maybe the coconut is a little bit less thick than the cocoa butter, but nothing to compare to.
When it comes to their scents, oh oh oh... The whole bathroom will be scented heavenly!
Specially the cocoa butter has the most sweet smell I've ever sniffed, that sometimes can be too much. The coconut is more to my nose preferances.

The thing that I don't like at all is its price, considering that apart from drugstore prices that are way cheaper, you can still made your own at home, so it's enough overpriced.
I can assure you though that after your shower you will have an aftermath of a super soft and smooth body.
The 200ml pack will last you for ages. The 50ml is amazing for travelling, if you feel like pampering when you're away!
So it's only up to you if you want to splurge.

Κυριακή, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

Boots essentials: Cleansing Lotion

I need to tell you the truth.
I wasn't planning on making this review then I thought I should, just because of the new Online european delivery Boots.com has just launched!
So, if you're away from UK you can still buy some things I love and recommend that you couldn't before.

Boot's own brand has many valuable products which from the first sight you think they might not work.
They does more than enough and sometimes better than many overpriced beauties.

I'll be quick, just because I only want to inform you about the existence of this bottle, so as not oversee it when you'll be at the drugstore.
It's a thick- yet not oily- milk formula which removes your first layer of foundation amazingly.
You will need a second layer if you have a pigmented make up on and then you're done.
As for eyes, this is one of those formulas where it won't give you that crying irritation thing many cleansers give. It takes off your mascara efficiently.

It's price? 1.50 pounds! You certainly can't beat that! And to tell you the truth, sometimes I don't even bother having a fancy and multi marketed package in my drawer.
I just need a product that the inside of it worth the money, even if it's for a couple of pounds.

Give it a go and save some damn money!

Τετάρτη, 1 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O Micelle solution

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope this year will bring plenty colorful moments to all of you!
As a beauty junkie too, I could not resist to wish for many more beauty products to come :)

For my first 2014 blog post, I decided to go with a well raved product, a micellar water.
Well, I have to admit I did bought it because youtube and blogging made me to.
I knew Bioderma as a brand many years before, as I do use mainly french brands for my skincare routine.

This type of taking off my make up though was a challenge for me.
I tend to use cleansing milk for removing my foundation etc, even though I have oily skin, so a kind of water thing wasn't that much appealing to me. So, I was overwhelmed with all the rambling about it and my curiosity gave in.

I have to say that I am one more person added to the list of the Bioderma's lovers.
Personally, what I love the most about this product is the way I feel my skin after removing all  my makeup.
It's like I didn't have foundation and mascara all day long. It's like I didn't use a demaquillage, so it's like I have no residues on. I love how clean I wake up the next morning without feeling not even the tiniest greasy, as sometimes I might feel that way after a milk demaquillage.
The second thing I love is that it's amazing for taking off specifically eye make up. I will see no mascara leftovers and I will have no irritation! What all women want for their eyes, right? It's super gentle and unscented.
The third thing is a little bit controversial. Although it does take off all of my foundation, without any irritations at all, I feel I still need to make an extra effort for a full clean face, but still nothing that bothers me.
The aftermath when I won't see any redness from the scrubbing is a miracle.
My final favorite part is that it is in general a multy task product. With one bottle I take off my foundation, my mascara, plus I can use it throughout the day if for some reason I have to cleanse one more time apart the morning and night routine, without feeling the need to use an extra gel cleanser.
It's a no rinse formula so great for any time of day.

Now for the price, everyone's saying that it is way too expensive, compared to a drugstore micellar.
Am I the only one who thinks that it is not that expensive?
It's a dermatological product girls and it is fairly priced. Not to mention that the 500ml product can always be found in a bargain price.

So yes, I do love it and I will buy it again, and I do recommend it to seriously any skin type, any age!

Have a fantastic year!

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