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Beauty products I won't buy again!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post in which you won't see a title for a specific product I love, but a collective non favorites beauty products review.
The reason why I managed to make it like this is due to the fact that I don't enjoy writting a total negative review about a product.
Yes, if I don't like something, I will say it to you and to my posts. But if a product is a total disaster for me and has nothing positive to say or can't find a way to use it up, no I won't spend time writting only for this.

So, this is what this multi pictured post is gonna be about :)
Let's get started.

Mastic Spa Concealer
The reason why I don't like this one is beacause first of all the lightest color 01 they have doesn't match my skin tone at all. It is yellow for my eyes, and too brown for my face. Even if it did, it is way too runny and shiny, and doesn't stay in place. Neither for under eye areas, nor for face blemishes. I don't like the applicator too, I'm not a fan of these type of concealers, as you can't use the whole product till the end. It is expensive too, almost 20 Euros for only 9 ml. I have found better concealers than this one.
I do like though the smell of mastic and the fact you can smell the whole natural ingredients scent.

Korres: Monoi oil Bronzing powder
I do know so many people that have fell in love with this one. I haven't.
It is too brown for my face, and doesn't set nice to my skin. I can't feel that smooth effect other bronzers-blushes have. Also, it has tiny shimmers which I hate in bronzers and when you swatch it, it really feels rough. At least at the package I got.
I was so sad that didn't work for me as I do like the package and the mirror.
Price tag, 20 Euros for 11gr. Nuhh

E.L.F : Warm bronzer
Almost same reasons to this one. It is more shiny and shimmery than Korres, which I don't like at all for bronzer. I tend to use it as a blush, but it doesn't show any color when you have it on. You can only see some shimmers to your cheeks and an uneven brown color, even if you reapply it evenly.
I do like the package and that is quite cheap, yet only if you use it as single eyeshadows just for a shine to your lids and not for color.

Korres: Guava Lipstick in Natural purple
The only reason I won't buy again this particular color is because it makes me look like dead. Although in your hands look natural and qute, on your lips, ewww. It turns dark and not in a flattering way. I believe no one on the NC20 range would like this color, perhaps only if you use a pink lipgloss on top. On my mum on the other hand, it looks amazing! She's probably an NC30.
I do like the formula though, as it is longlasting with nice staying power, very nice moisture and amazing color pay off. A pinky color from this range would be a must for my skin tone!

Neutrogena: Visibly clear Oil free moisturiser
It was an offer in Boots for get one buy one free, so I got the whole range. I did loved the cleanser and the mask, but this one... ohhh, nothing representative to this range. It is oily, even though it is for problematic skins and says oil free, not when you apply it, but some minutes later. Nothing I would recommend putting on your face when there are French scincare brands out there.

Superdrug: Deep action Shine control moisturiser
Even though I have used pretty much the whole bottle, this product turned to be not the most preferable for me. It is ok, nothing special. It moisturises nice, it is not that oily, it smells heavenly, but having tried better products, this is not a product I will grab again.
The range has nice quality products though, like their amazing toner!

Rimmel: Match perfection Illuminating concealer
I find this one does nothing to my face. I believe that I had to get  the lightest color, in Ivory and not the Classic beige and thats why I can see nothing to my face. If I did had the lightest though, I don't think it would do something special to my under eye area. It has a sheer coverage, but a kind of lightening properties which are ok. Again nothing special.

NYC: Clear Nail polish
Awful !!! Although it dries out your varnish and gives you shine, after 5 minutes you're left with strikes on your nails! It peels off your nail polish even if you have just applied it. It makes your nails worst. It ruins what you have done. Hate it, hate it!

Korres: Watermelon Tinted Moisturiser Spf 30
Oh goood, again I know people who are raving about this one, but I hate it! I really wanted to love this one but it dissapointed me.
It is heavy, medium to full coverage, nothing that you would like in summer time, melting on my skin, while I got it as a suncreen and base, 2 in 1 for summer time, it is hard to blend it out, plus it looks cakey if it gets hot outside.
I do like the lightest shade, when I'm not tan, but there's a problem when I am. Don't forget it is a summery product.
I do like the smell and the sunscreen, but for the reason I want it, nuhh. It is definitely not a tinted sunscreen, it is a foundation with spf. Nothing convenient for summer.

Korres: Powder Blush in 16 Pink
I looove Korres blushes, specially the 15 Natural. But this baby pink, eww... It's too bright,  even if you use a tiny bit just to your apples. Perhaps this is the wrong pink shade for my my skin tone.
Otherwise, I'll keep buying Korres blushes. Nice price, 14 Euros for 6gr, plus amazing quality.

NYX: Long Lip pencil
In few words, it is a hard working pencil, nothing convenient for your sensitive lips.
There are so many cheaper and softer liners out there, that I suggest you don't bother for these.
I do like though their smaller ones. They're nice


Avon: Brilliant shine Lipgloss in Gleaming Mauve
Hate the scent of burnig ment, hate the sticky texture, hate the feeling on your lips, hate the color! Too deathly mauve, not at all good looking for anyone on the lighter side! Disgusting!

Cleansing Wipes: Johnson's 3 in 1 & Nivea visage
I don't know what I was thinking when I used to buy make up wipes. I wanted them only for traveling so as not carrying with me, cleansing milk plus cotton pads. No, no, no! I won't buy again neither of the two, not because they weren't ok, they were, specially the Nivea one, they're pretty good with nice exfoliating kinda surface; but because I do prefer having a travel side 50ml bottle of cleansing milk, rather these as I feel they can harm your face and torture your blemishes you may have. So not again from any brand.
Soooo, that is all for my non favorites beauty products...
Let me know if you liked this kind of massive post... Maybe I'll do it again, when I'll compile products I don't like.
Waiting your thoughts, perhaps on products you do like from the list above? :)


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  1. Υπέροχο post!!!! Εννοείται θέλουμε και άλλα. Την αντηλιακή με χρώμα Korres την έχω πάρει και εγώ και δεν έμεινα ευχαριστημένη. Ένιωθα το δέρμα πολύ βαρύ και να γυαλίζει!!! Το ρουζ του, 16 pink φαίνεται καλό σαν χρώμα!! Φιλάκια!!!

  2. Great review,I used some korres products but I wasn`t excited about them.
    I am your newest follower,maybe you would like to follow me as well.
    Take a look to my site,I have a lot of giveaways,if you have a giveaway on your blog feel free to submit to my site.

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  4. Τελικά οσο χρήσιμα είναι τα ποστ για προϊόντα που μας ενθουσίασαν τόσο χρήσιμα είναι και τα ποστ για προϊόντα που άλλα λένε και άλλα κάνουν. Ούτε και εγλω έχω βολευτεί με το μακιγιάζ του Κορρέ, αν και μου αρέσουν σαν συσκευασίες και σκεπτικό. Κρίμα :(

    1. Απο την σειρα με τα καλλυντικα, εχει πολλα καλα, οπως τα λιπγκλος, τα μολυβια, τα κραγιον, οι μασκαρες κλπ.
      Ειναι ομως κ ααααλλα......

  5. Εγώ έχω δοκιμάσει μόνο την πούδρα του Κορρέ η οποία ήταν καλή, δεν βάραινε, δεν μου προκάλεσε περισσότερο την ακμή αλλά κάλυπτε ελάχιστα!!! Και σκεφτόμουν να δοκιμάσω και ρουζ.. αν τελικά το κάνω θα σου πω τις δικές μου εντυπώσεις!!

    1. Την πουδρα Κορρε την εχω παρει κ εγω 3 φορες μεχρι τωρα, ηταν καλη για compact, ναι!
      Τα ρουζ νουμερο 15 φυσικο κ το μωβ-καφε, ειναι τεεεελεια!!! :)

  6. I have tried a few skincare bits from Neutrogena and didn't like any of them. I think they cater to hormonal teenage skin so it all was a but harsh on me. I have never tried the range you showed here though!

  7. Συμφωνω απολυτα για τα μαντηλακια ντεμακιγιαζ!! Το ροζ ρουζ δειχνει υπεροχο, κριμα που δεν σου ταιριαξε!


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